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Going AWOL might be worth the jail time if you're starting jury duty this week and must report to the federal courthouse today for an assignment — jury selection is underway for the trial of Ira Isaacs, the scat-animal-porn "shock-art" entrepreneur facing obscenity charges for distributing hit titles like Laurie's Toilet Show, Gang Bang Horse (Pony Sex Game) and Hollywood Scat Amateurs No. 7. That said, if today's latest fetish-beat dispatch in the LA Times is any indication, Isaacs' success suggests finding a jury of his peers might be easier than prosecutors originally thought:

In a statistic that some may find every bit as shocking as his work, Isaacs said he was selling about 1,000 videos per month at $30 apiece before being raided by the FBI early last year. The number has since dropped to between 700 and 800 per month, but they still generate enough money to pay the rent on a house with a pool in the Hollywood Hills.

Isaacs predicted that many jurors would not be able to stomach viewing the movies, some of which feature acts of bestiality and defecation.

"It's going to be a circus," he said of the upcoming trial. "I think I'd freak out if I had to watch six hours of the stuff."

Our question is that, besides Hollywood trial royalty Dominick Dunne and Allison Hope Weiner, what might the over/under be for gallery attendance? Isaacs already has one of the state's foremost freedom-of-speech judges on the bench; a packed house could influence a stirring constitutional benchmark and/or the most depraved happy hour in human history. One thing we know: You won't find us within a mile of it.