We knew that the hip, priced-to-fly airline had cool purple lighting and probably on-board porn or whatever, but did we know that Virgin America also provides their delayed passengers with live entertainment, including three-card monte? From a tipster:

The heat is causing flights into JFK and probably other NYC airports to be delayed by hours. I'm sitting at San Francisco International waiting out a 2 hour delay. Why this may be of interest to is that the Virgin America gate crew has begun entertaining the crowd with games of craps and three-card monte, both with loud play-by-play over the PA system. This must happen regular, unless dice and packs of cards are standard equipment at airport departure gates. And of course there's the issue of training. I mean, I don't know how to shoot craps or play three-card monte, and I've been in Vegas and Times Square during the bad old days.

With a few exceptions, the people waiting for their flight are not amused.

As they most definitely should not be.