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A tipster sends word today of trouble having befallen the Philadelphia set of Transformers 2, where an extra was reportedly thrown off the shoot for conduct detrimental to the blockbuster. To wit: Reginald Brown, a regular contributor to Transformers producer Don Murphy's dysfunctional message boards, had nabbed the plum role of "Man Eating Hamburger" in one of the film's action sequences. Then, under his nom de fanboy Hedgehog, Brown filed a dispatch from wardrobe:

I took a glance at the clothing racks for SHIA and MEGAN too. I think I saw some really cool clothes for some character, then I saw MILITARY UNIFORMS then other clothing that the main characters were wearing. I like the jacket that SHIA is going to wear, it looks like something I would buy.

Whatever, right? Even Murphy himself shrugged: "Reg didn't sign [a non-disclosure agreement] to be on here ... If you think Reg is gonna have access to anything meaningful except a PB&J sandwich you're as confused as he seems to be." But then Brown tried to corner Michael Bay.

Apparently that constituted something akin to the Watergate break-in for the denizens of, where rumors flew almost within minutes:

I heard that Hedge was told by the casting people to STFU and not post if he wanted to be used. I heard that his guest spot was pushed from yesterday to today. I was told that it basically was like a burger ad- Hedge is eating a huge ass burger with the works when a robot comes smashing down next to him. He looks, has no reaction and goes to finish the burger. I heard that he tried to get a minute with Bay alone today at noon eastern time to "Learn him some Transformers."

Not long afterward, color came our way that made the picture a sort of sad, slanted masterpiece:

Bay had a plate of pasta and was headed to his trailer with his script supervisor to discuss the afternoon's work. Hedgehog approached him saying "Michael" like they were Bros. Michael turned and shot him a look. Ian Bryce (producer) and his assistant blocked Hedge. Can we help you? they asked. No said Hedge, I need to learn Michael about Transformers while I am here. Ian signalled for two set security guards who escorted him off, screaming "But I'm a Don Murphy STOOOOOGE". He was paid his two days wages, returned his wardrobe and left. Many threats were repeated, along with "I never liked Bay's dumbass shit anyways."

Now that is a martyr. Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Brown, hamburger bit parts be damned.

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