Because Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, and hippie fag fest Godspell weren't religiousy enough, a new (kid-tested) Pope-approved musical called Mary of Nazareth will belt its way around Europe, Latin America, and (gasp!) some Middle Eastern countries starting on June 17th, in the Vatican. "'We have sponsored this work with pleasure because Mary of Nazareth is the woman who has communicated and still communicates to mankind today the word of God made man," said a Vatican official of the work. "Plus, she no have-a da sex," he added. It's always nice when the Church approves singing and dancing. We're looking forward the novelization of this fascinating story. Oh and then the movie of the novelization with John Travolta, Jennifer Hudson, and Harvey Fierstein. Also, this must mean that Muhammad: The Musical is forthcoming, right? No? No, not at all? OK. I see.