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Ads, of course, are everywhere. But at least back in the good old days (last week), they would only creep into the borders of our TV shows, rather than becoming the entire show itself. Well, those days are gone, friend. Give up your outdated ideas about what programming should be, and settle in with a bowl of wet food and your hungry cat for a fine evening receiving the subtle marketing messages of the "Meow Mix Game Show"!

See, nobody watches commercials any more, so now companies are making their own entire shows. It's a throwback to the days of the "Toastie Postie Cereal Morning Variety Hour and Talent Competition," and whatnot. The Times looks at two current examples of this exasperating phenomenon: a Dos Equis beer reality show tied to its ad campaign, and the aforementioned Meow Mix Game Show, which is a sure hit among people who just can't get enough Meow Mix information:

The sole commercials during the game show will be from Meow Mix, Mr. Tuza of Del Monte Brands said, but rather than sell the product, they are meant to "educate you on how to be a better pet parent and how to better understand your cat."

You can find audition info for the show here. The ad industry is using your cats against you, urban sophisticates!