Gossip Girl wants you! No, not you. Move over. I'm talking to that rich Hamptonite kid behind you who "own[s] a wide variety of upscale wardrobe including, but not limited to, polished trendy, designer labels, elegant formalwear, single and double breasted suits in addition to tasteful shoes and accessories." Yes indeed, the buzzed-about teen soap that no one actually watches will be filming in the Hamptons this summer and an open casting call (well, open for SAG members) for extras will be held this Saturday from 1-4 at some place called the Pink Elephant, in West Hamptonsberrycourt. Or some such silly town. Someone please go! Calling all well-dressed out of work actors who read Gawker! You could play "polished Upper East Side types, young, sexy Manhattan socialites, conservative prep-school teenagers, and bourgeois, high society types". And that's not the only casting going on! A tipster tells us of a far more depressing and poorly attended cattle call, for a Howard Stern project naturally, that was witnessed today, after the jump.

so this really sad event. it's on the corner of houston and varick, and had like 4 very pathetic looking people in there waiting in the non-line, with a verrrrrrry sun-burnt bald headed man screaming at passerby, "do you want to be on tee-veeee?!", "come try out for howard stern!". everybody kept walking by like it was a bum screaming about vietnam.

here are some photos i snapped with the iDevice, and i found their post on the website after a little bit o' investigatory journalism googling.

Well, there you go. All you schlubs who could never in a million years be on Gossip Girl, even as an extra, should shuffle on over there. Bababooey awaits.