Television producer and angry blogger Chez Pazienza has a two-year-old bone to pick with M. Night Shyamalan, the dopey screenwriter/director behind such dreck as The Village and Samuel L. Jackson Has Osteoporosis. And he's finally decided to share it with the general public, on his blog and on the Huffington Post. Just what did Shamalamadingdong do to piss off Pazienza so? During an interview for Shyamalan's dreadful "fairy tale" about things called Narfs, Lady in the Water, the hack acted like the haughty, bratty Hollywood idiot everyone already suspected him of being. He didn't like the format, he didn't like the camerawork, he didn't like anything. Though it's an old story, it does seem timely as his next sure-to-be dismal effort The Happening is hitting theaters tomorrow. Plus it's always nice to have suspicions confirmed. Some choice bits from Pazienza's rant are after the jump.

Shyamalan said of the experience:

"Somebody's gonna get railed when this is over. I just want you guys to know that. I just want to warn you that it's coming. You've never seen me on a movie set, but you're gonna."

Shyamalan pulled me and his Warner handler (a man with the apparent patience of Job) aside, and basically did his impression of the shark in Jaws during the final clash with poor Quint. Once again there were accusations of unprofessional work: he was distracted by noises in the next room; he didn't like the look of the shots; we obviously didn't care enough to take this interview seriously. He then pulled an argument out of his ass that was so transparent, you would've thought it was the first half of The Village.

"Look, I don't care about me. You can do what you want with me. But these are good actors and they deserve better."

As he continued to rant, I noticed that he was either delusional or narcissistic enough to believe that everyone around him adhered to his personal point of view unquestioningly (and you wonder why the leaps of logic in his movies). He flat out said that both the anchor conducting the interview, and the video crew taping it had told him that they agreed that the shoot was shit. Suffice to say I suffered through the tapes of the interview several times during the course of the afternoon. He apparently really is hearing voices.