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Popular actor George Clooney began his break up recovery process by taking a boat ride near his Italian Villa. Clooney's friend thought that the recovery process was going to be something a little different than a simple boat trip. Clooney's friend said, "I appreciate the trip to Italy and all, but I thought we were going to be doing something different, you know?" Clooney asked what he thought that they were going to be doing instead of being one with nature and relaxing. The friend said that he assumed the recovery process was going to be filled with drugs, kegs and girls. Clooney said, "No girls, right now. Just nature and good wine and good food, but mostly good wine. That's what we need this weekend. Next weekend, there will be girls, but that's only because the Ocean's guys are going to be out here. No offense, but you're married. And worse, you haven't been on the beautiful people list."

[Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin]