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In a scene that was eerily reminiscent of the 1982 Scott Baio film Zapped!, popular movie star Keanu Reeves finally put to use of some of the telepathic techniques he learned from the Matrix film series. Only instead of using them for quote-unquote "good", he decided to have a little fun and make this woman's top fall off instead. After all, Reeves just began his summer holiday in France and, after a few ho-hum days, he decided to kick his vacay up a notch. Reeves said, "France is fun and all, but it got pretty boring pretty fast. So I just thought really hard and KABOOMBA! That woman's top fell off, then that one and so on and so on." Reeves thought that the female beachgoers would object to the seemingly random acts of clothing removal, but the beachgoers surprised Reeves with their casual attitudes towards nudity. Reeves added, "Everybody has been real cool about it and just went with it. I mean, if I did this in America, surely TMZ would catch wind of it. And I don't have to tell you this, but NOBODY likes it when that long-haired dude rips into them. Speaking of whom, does he remind you of Bodhi at all? Not even just a little?"

[Photo Credit: X17]