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While posing for photographs at the Paris premiere for Hancock, Will Smith tried his hardest to not look down the dress of his co-star, Charlize Theron. Smith felt that it was one of his more difficult challenges he had faced in his professional career. Smith said, "Professionalism seems to be lacking in today's world and I don't want to come off as being unprofessional by checking out my co-star's breasts." Smith added that if he did do it, it could have spread like wildfire all over the internet. Theron appreciated Smith's decision to not look down her, but wished that Smith would've suggested that another Hancock co-star use the same gentlemanly approach with her. Theron said, "I wish would've had a heart to heart with Jason Bateman beforehand. I was about to charge the guy admission. Then again, he was on Arrested Development, so I guess he gets a pass."

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]