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Highly respected character actor Paul Giamatti struggled to catch a taxi outside an office building in New York City on Tuesday afternoon. Giamatti assumed that at least one taxi driver would have recognized him from his prior work in independent film staples like Sideways or American Splendor, or perhaps the more recent effort John Adams. Giamatti said, "My face was plastered all over the city to promote that one. Maybe if I'd worn that wig, somebody would've stopped." Yet as the sun beat down upon him, Giamatti became more desperate and started to wave a sizable wad of cash around. Even that action failed to get a cab for Giamatti. Giamatti stooped even lower and began to shout, "Baba Booey!" over and over again, in hopes that a cabbie would remember the versatile actor's appearance as Pig Vomit in the Howard Stern film Private Parts. Finally, a cab stopped for Giamatti, at which point the cabbie immediately asked Giamatti if he had ever played a talking orangutan from space before.

[Photo Credit: Splash Pics]