Remember that magical mystery puzzle-house that the New York Times wrote about a while back? Basically these crazy rich people hired a designer named Eric Clough to "do" their new Fifth Avenue apartment and, as a fun thing for the crazy rich people and their kids, he turned the whole house into a scavenger hunt/puzzle kind of thing. Hidden clues and compartments and messages and all that. It's a pretty cool story! So cool, in fact, that J.J. Abrams, the man behind Felicity, Alias, and sort-of Lost, is producing a movie based on the Times piece. How fun for the crazy rich people. Not only do they get to live in a whimsical puzzle-mansion on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, they get to have a movie made about them too! Of course there will be a more magical element to the movie than the non-fiction Times article, with doors leading to other realms and whatnot. Because that's never been done before! Other fantasy elements in the movie will include the kids growing up to not be spoiled little shits and the puzzle-house, with all its secret compartments, not becoming a frustrating nuisance a few months after the puzzle has been solved.