An intriguing little tidbit has just crossed our desk: news of a Gossip Girl video game! Now it's just a rumor at present but it sounds promising. I mean it makes perfect sense. New York-set teen soap Gossip Girl's viewer base, gay men and the girls who quietly pine for them, perfectly syncs up with the typical video game demographic. (Uhm... because boys who play video games are scared of gay men and girls?) What will one do while playing the GG video game? Well, other than lying on one's stomach in the den, kicking one's feet in the air, and absentmindedly twirling one's finger in the controller's cord, one will "explore the hippest social hot spots of New York City and attend the most fashionable parties." Oh my! That sounds just like the show. Read a full description of the ruuuuumored video game after the jump.

In the game Gossip Girl, spend a semester fraternizing with the glamorous socialites of Manhattan's Upper East Side at an elite private school. Explore the hippest social hot spots of New York City and attend the most fashionable parties. Shop in the trendiest boutiques of the fashion district and customize your character's appearance. Gain entry into exclusive social cliques where you'll make or break relationships with popular girls and date the most desirable boys while you build up your social status. Read the Gossip Girl Blog and see how the choices you make become part of the complex world of shifting friendships, jealousies and scandals.

Oh. Reading a blog... while playing a videogame. I think everyone who's ever written a book just died. Except Cecily von Ziegesar.