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Penny, the dog of Gossip Girl star Blake Lively exacted her revenge for what the dog perceived to be a rather lackluster finale for the freshmen CW series. Lively exclaimed, "Look at what you did to mommy's outfit? Why would you do that to mommy's outfit?" Penny just jumped around and barked insistently as Lively tried to find out why her dog acted out. Lively asked her dog if she was upset about having to be on the set of Gossip Girl, which received no barks. Then Lively asked if her dog felt uncomfortable about being crated in the bathroom whenever Lively left the house. The dog barked in a way to indicate that was sort of the problem, but not the biggest problem. Lively then asked if Penny objected to the direction that show was going in for the next season, which got the biggest bark from Penny. Picking Penny up from the ground, Lively explained to the dog that she doesn't have any control over that and she will not "pull a 'Heigl" any time soon.

[Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin]