So, sigh, The Love Guru. The Mike Myers-starring, Deepak Chopra-inspired "comedy" film — about an American-born, Indian-raised spiritual guru who travels back to the States to spread his message of peace, love, and weird unidentifiable accents — is opening tomorrow, and dark clouds are forming. The doomsayers began clucking when the cringe-inducingly unfunny trailer premiered this winter (during the Superbowl, was it?) and they've only gotten louder as the inexorable date (tomorrow!) draws closer. The unfunny clips, the badmouthing about Myers, the sheer presence of Jessica Alba. All signs point to this thing being a catastrophe on an epic scale.

Though, I must confess, I find some of the little "Mini-Sutras" on the movie's YouTube page kinda funny. And "Mariska Hargitay" is funny, too! But the rest of it? Ugh. I mean, Mike Myers is a funny guy. And he's had years to put something together that could match, if not better, his Austin Powers success. And yet he chose... a comedy about his own spiritual enlightenment? After his father passed away in 1991, Myers became despondent. His depression eventually led him to the writing of spiritual salesman Deepak Chopra. The two became fast friends and Myers has been on a journey of awakening since, to hear him tell it. Which is fine. We're all entitled to a little happiness, obviously, but a whole tent-pole summer comedy based on a character and experience that is completely unrelatable to most audiences seems... a little misguided. It just seems wildly out of touch at best and self-indulgent and preachy at worst. One who wonders just who the hell greenlit this thing. Paramount must be awfully trusting of Myers. Or, they're scared.

Myers has developed a reputation for being extremely difficult on set. He's gotten away with it, mostly, because he's been such a proven box office draw. But many in Hollywood actively hope for his downfall. His Wayne's World director absolutely despised him, saying he was demanding and arrogant and rude on set. Apparently his Love Guru costar Jessica Alba had a terrible time with him. Some say he's just very passionate and intense about his work, and they can forgive it. But the sentiment that he's a megalomaniacal prick seems to have permanently tarnished his reputation. Could this film — which, based on advanced word (only 15% on RottenTomatoes), could be the biggest bomb of the summer — finally slay the ogre?