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Shame on anyone — anyone! — who would dare trivialize Anne Hathaway's recent break-up with entrepreneur and check-kiting hobbyist Raffaello Follieri as anything but a natural process of hearts drifting apart under the intense pressures of careers, fame and/or state investigations. And can't a nice girl just stay friendly with her notorious ex without facing insinuations she's manipulating their relationship on the week of her new film's release? We mean, really, Page Six — what's so wrong with that?

[T]here was word the recently split couple were planning to have dinner together at Cipriani. "It's very amicable. He still cares for her very much," said a source. The two were staying mum on their breakup while Hathaway continued making TV appearances hawking her new movie, Get Smart.

Melanie Bonvicino, a flack for Follieri, said the Italian businessman is "angered" by "repeated mischaracterizations" of their split. ... "It is worth noting, as you continue to attempt to scandalize a respected businessman and philanthropist, that the Follieri Foundation has vaccinated hundreds of children in Nicaragua and Honduras to date, in addition to recently rebuilding an orphanage in Brazil."

Not to mention his and Hathaway's selfless dedication to the Warner Bros. cause, which anticipates a $40 million donation from the American public in the next three days alone. Dissolved, incriminated, whatever — this is a pair of true saints.

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