When Caroline Tell, the Accessories Market Editor for Women's Wear Daily, was arranging an interview Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to talk about their new jewelery line for their Elizabeth and James label, she was surprised to hear, from their publicist, that she was not to refer to the famous acting and entrepreneuring twins as, well, twins. Or even as sisters.

In fact, she was forced to do two separate interviews. Which, OK, so I understand that they want to start becoming individuals rather than this packaged twosome, but, um, isn't their business entirely based on the fact that they are sisters and, yes, twins? Their billion-dollar corporation, built on silly movies and books and TV shows and clothes that were very much about being twins, is called Dualstar for God's sake. I guess Mary-Kate has had some acting roles by herself and Ashley... Uh, Ashley probably does stuff alone, too. But c'mon. To her credit, Tell went on to call them "diminutive twins" anyway.