Tim Gunn, the delightful and not at all sad Project Runway mensch, is a bit apprehensive about the fashion design competition show's impending move to Los Angeles. While filming the show's sixth season, this time to be aired on Lifetime instead of Bravo, Gunn is not quite sure what he's going to do about the driving. "Can I be honest with you?" he sighed to New York's The Cut blog. "I'm panicky about it, and the whole idea of moving to a place that has a big car culture has me apoplectic. I may have a little lean-to inside the set, wherever it is, so I don't have to worry about travel." Oh noes! Poor panicked Tim Gunn in that sprawling, smoggy, leathered and stretched city! Someone help him, uh, make it work. And what about those rumors that that classic catchphrase of his will be jettisoned for the Lifetime season? Not true, he says.

"What?! No, I couldn't possibly. 'Make it work' comes with me. I've been saying it for decades," he tells The Cut. Phew. We are very apprehensive about this upcoming Lifetime/LA move, but as long as whimsical Tim is still puttering around, saying comforting things, I think we might be OK. Do any of our LA readers want to offer their services as a chauffeur? I'm sure he'll pay you back in titillating anecdotes about the New York glitterati and perfectly placed bon mots.