This morning's Daily News blind item—on a divorced comic star exploring a "groovy" new persona as an openly gay man—was as obvious as they get. Some of you commenters told us that the guy we were all guessing, Mike Myers, star of the "groovy baby" catchphrase-apalooza Austin Powers films and the current dud The Love Guru, has been out 'n proud in Toronto for years. Fair enough. We're not sure why it is that the Daily News would bother featuring this as a "blind item" only to use such dead giveaway clues, other than that they it would be too gauche to "out" Myers, um, outright. Seems like a bit of nasty piling-on to Myer's already miserable Love Guru bomb of a weekend.

Most of you guessed Tom Cruise or Will Smith for the other geigh on the list, #2. We could sort of see that happening, but don't really think that Cruise or Smith can really just go to bars and talk to people. Most people seemed befuddled by #3 and #4 (as were we), except for commenter gomezparkinson, who seemed pretty sure about some of the people in #4, our old Hollywood blind item:

As a casual student of Old Hollywood sleezy gossip, I can state with the certainty of someone who wasn't there that #1 and #2 of the fourth item were nerd-hot charactor actor Keenan Wynn and ginger boy-toy of the '40s, Van Johnson. The woman was a minor actress named Eve Abbott who famously divorced Keenan one day and married Van the next. Apparently, this was all concocted by MGM, the home studio of both actors, to make it all seem steamily hetero and hot-blooded, when in fact the two guys were hotter for each other than Evie. Evie was very much in love with Van Johnson, but later stated she wouldn't have married him if she'd known he was "homosexual." Who the famous fourth is, I have no idea. Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power are the obvious guesses, but a bit too A-list for this menage, though Errol's career was flagging at this point. Were you allowed to fuck outside of your studio's contract player A-list? I don't know.

Mr Johnson is in his 90s and lives quietly in Manhattan. We should just ask him who the other guy was. Does he post here?