After the troubling events that brought Season One of The Two Coreys to its Corey-splintering conclusion, we honestly weren't sure if we'd ever see the two best friends and faded idols in the same room again. Still, as all of Hollywood knows by now, Haim is ready to work, and work—that undependable mistress—eventually came: Haim was a last-minute addition to The Lost Boys 2, necessitating the above reunion in a diner booth. And while we've always enjoyed the lightly structured drama that propels each and every episode, nothing prepared us for the bombshell revelations that would come tumbling out of the Bottomless Coffee Thermos of Shame. Did Corey H. just say he was "raped?" Did Corey F. just respond by saying he was "molested?"

Feldman has already spoken out about what he suspects were several instances of R.E.M. (rapidly encroaching Michael) sleep at Neverland Ranch. Haim quickly dismisses the possibility that his friend wasn't conscious at the time—but what about Haim's own "rape." Was it rape rape? Or Hollywood-style rape—the kind one might begrudgingly submit to in some B-movie producer's poolside changing room in order to ensure oneself the lead in Prayer of the Rollerboys? At this point, we think pretty much anything is possible, and this shiz is getting heavy.