Neil Patrick Harris is a fun guy. Many of us have known this for a while. The openly gay actor has proved himself a witty good sport, from his self-mocking turns in the Harold and Kumar movies, to his brassy work on CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, to his frank sex talk on Howard Stern's radio show. Now, it seems, even the straight dude advertising world has caught on. Harris is being featured in a new ad campaign for Old Spice, that old-timey manly man's line of deodorant, aftershave, and other men's products. A gay dude hawking Old Spice! The gay problem is solved!

Well, OK, maybe not, but it's still pretty cool. I guess his womanizing characters on HIMYM and in the Harold and Kumar movies (in which he talks about wanting some "fur burgers") tell advertisers that even though he's gay, he's still cool to peddle men's anti-stink products. And, heck, in a bit of an ouroboros, maybe he gets to play such rakes because he's gay. "It's OK ladies, he's not really like that. But, hey men, he could be." Acting!

Harold and Kumar clip below. NSFW!