· And we love it! All together now: "My drain was clogged/Sink full of goo/It was fixed real fast/by ADEE do!" [adeedo.com]
· Slate's piece suggesting UA doctored a Tom Cruise photo to make him look more like his Hitler-hunting alter ego never factored in the possibility that they were actually looking at a different portrait of Claus von Stauffenberg. Score one for the good guys! [AP]
· "What do we want! Safer pole conditions and a bigger cut of the champagne room backend! When do we want it? As soon as our Spearmint Rhino set is up!" [Radar]
· Heather Locklear is seeking treatment for anxiety and depression. But she looks fabulous in a two-piece at 46! What hope do the rest of us have? [Reuters]
· Some robots get laid more than other robots. [YouTube]
· Bonus Link: Jack Stephan's spot after the jump!

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