After seeing actor and Dancing With the Stars champion Mario Lopez's current shirtless TV Guide cover (at left) and recent People magazine spread, we couldn't help but wonder: just how shirtless is Mario Lopez? We decided we'd compare him to other popular be-pec'ed celebrities — perpetually half-nude actor Matthew McConaughey and dancer/romancer Justin Timberlake, for example — by having our esteemed assistant Nicola conduct a Google image search in the hopes of attaining some sort of shirtlessness ratio. Our results proved our suspicions: 13 of the top 20 results for a Google image search for Lopez's name come up with shirtless pics— or 65%. Thus making Mario Lopez the Most Shirtless Man in America. Consult the above Shirtlessness Index to see how other abdominal Adonises measure up to Mr. Lopez, plus find some special shirtless surprises after the jump.