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When you see some random guy walking down a crowded street talking on his cell phone, lost in his own world, you probably think to yourself: there is a man I would like to smash right in the face. If a cell phone company were to find some way to successfully incorporate that feeling into its marketing plan, it would be genius. Instead, US Cellular goes and makes what is, by critical consensus, the most asinine cell phone ad of the year. That's because its premise is that that same man walking along yakking obliviously into his cell would actually make the entire world around him happy. Which just makes you want to smash him even more:

Adrants: "Oh for fuck's sake! Are you kidding me?"
Adfreak on the ad's "ludicrous premise": "Nothing could be further from the truth, but don't let that get in the way of your obligatory sweeping 60-second feel-good branding spot."