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We had third-row seats to see George Michael last night at The Forum, but we sold them off at the last minute when we heard he was mixing his old withering, little-known heckling act into the greatest-hits mix. The revelation instantly piqued our sympathy for the uninformed who couldn't possibly anticipate what was about to hit them — folks like Dr. Phil McGraw, for example, whom a tipster tells us got the very worst of the vocalist's assailments:

He was amazing. And his voice has gotten even better. Best moment was when he pointed out Dr. Phil sitting in the audience and tore him a new A-hole for sitting there lifeless. The crowd booed Phil. George said to him.. it looks like you have a problem.. maybe you should see someone about that.

The story is corroborated in another rave review published this morning, with Michael reportedly adding, "In the sea of smiling faces, he's looked miserable for the last hour," as the video screens displayed Dr. Phil and his wife. It's such a shame; Michael couldn't possibly expect his more casual listeners to know the insult-comedy provenance of the name Wham! (or that Andrew Ridgeley's superior takedowns accelerated the duo's split), and at the end of it all, McGraw didn't even have a down-home, drawling comeback. Really, we're kind of glad we skipped out.

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