From the mixed up files of Craigslist comes a Missed Connection from a dude who must be an actor or some sort of bigwig behind-the-scenes person on raggedy teen soap Gossip Girl. The show has been filming in the Hamptons recently and this CL poster was enamored with a bikini-clad blonde nymph, an extra who had "the body of a goddess." And don't worry, blondie, your Romeo is fairly certain you'll figure it out—"if you see this you probably know who I am," he writes, romantically. So are you out there, dreamgirl? Do you know who he is? If not, read more about yourself and your thwarted romance after the jump.

background actress in upper brookville (oyster bay area) - m4w

you were by far the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my 4 years in ny.. about 5'5" tall, medium length curly blonde hair, an absolutely stunning smile, and the body of a goddess. you were wearing a white bikini and doing background acting in the pool area for gossip girl.. if you see this you probably know who I am, I was absolutely mesmorized by you. I didnt want to try talking to you in front of the whole crew cuz I would of got shit from my boss but when I had a moment to look for you they had already wrapped you :( I would much rather get rejected then to have never tried at all.. if you actually see this, please reply if nothing else than to tell me no so I know lol if anyone reading knows the girl im talking about, please just show her this, thanks