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I recently started subscribing to National Geographic, and its coverage of Stonehenge and jungles is incomparable. But I'm convinced that the sly geography wonks on its editorial staff get their kicks each month by selecting the most insane letters to the editor, and putting them into the magazine. The new issue has letters about a March story on animal intelligence. They must have gotten thousands! So who's represented? Inexplicable dog haters, lamb-whisperers, and schizophrenics:

From Leslie White, Tacoma, Washington:

Of all the animals you could have chosen for the cover story about animal minds, you chose a dog. Why not a dolphin, ape, or raven? Dogs are so overdone—and they're also destructive and noisy.

From Ed Healy, San Francisco, California:

Last year I stayed in a place in Mongolia where two lambs were tied up near a stairway. One looked at me with an expression I can only describe as abject terror...Did these lambs know they were going to be killed? Judging by the looks they gave me, I would have to say they did.

From Joyce Weiss, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania:

I swear my golden retriever Chaucer said "hi" to me one morning. I had no witnesses but didn't need any. When a dog looks at you with love in its eyes and whispers, "Hi," it is the sweetest sound imaginable. I've never doubted that animals have more intelligence than some people. Once animals learn to use the computer, we will all be convinced.