We give Ben Karlin shit because we've heard he's pretty much a dick, what with his idea-stealing from neighbors and all. Anecdotal evidence from anonymous commenters supports this. ("[H]e chooses to repeatedly compromise that talent by going out of his way to undermine those who work with him," you say. Ok!) Then he curated that terrible-sounding book about getting dumped. But he also used to write for Space Ghost! The New York Press would like you to know about the other side of Ben Karlin. They'd like you to maybe give him a second chance. The way they go about it is all wrong, though: did you know Ben Karlin is also an alternadad?

Ok, we'll be fair. Karlin does not call himself an alternadad. Though the interviewer suggests it. And Karlin did move to Fort Greene, because it seemed "mellower." Ugh. Anyway, he loves his son very very very much, so good for them.

Also Karlin's working on "a movie about children of divorce" because WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH OF THOSE. We're writing a screenplay about someone who goes back in time to act as a marriage counselor to the parents of Whit Stillman and Noah Baumbach. It's called Journey To The Center of the Universe.