Just as the late, great George Carlin had his wonderful 7 Words You Can't Say on Television bit, comedian Max Silvestri now knows of 20 or so words that one just cannot say on Verizon's VCast cellphone television programming. Silvestri (of the delightful Gabe and Max's Internet Thing) attempted to say the word "choad" on a podcast that was to be distributed to mobile companies. Curious as to why that word, out of so many, was singled out, he went in search of Information. He was eventually given a detailed list of inappropriate content and verbiage that will be censored, including the ultimate list of 20 "Level 0" no-no words that can never, under any circumstances slip from the lips on VCast. That list includes the obvious "n-word" variations (but, apparently, other racial slurs are A-OK?) and the typical group of naughty sexual terminology. Makes sense, fair enough. But um, why make the "cornhole"/"corn-hole" distinction? And what in green acres is a "Ruby Red Bag"? Oh, it's this. Check out the full list after the jump, and perhaps add your own colorful words in the comments!