Happy Pride weekend y'all! I hope you'll celebrate somehow, in any small way, because the gays love you and you should love us. I, particularly, love the six commenters who will be awarded with Commies—which recognize the best comments of the week—after the jump.

  • From lionel-mandrake in The Blackberry Continues to Destroy the Workplace:
    "I detested my Blackberry so much, it triggered my one and only incidence of sleepwalking. I woke-up in the middle of the night while in the act of pouring an entire pitcher of water on the thing. I'd been dreaming I was killing the witch from The Wizard of Oz. " —Sheila's pick
  • From narnio in World's Saddest Millionaire Quits Internet:
    "this entire thing is ridiculously childish."
  • From TheHonJudgeSmails in Dov Charney Is a Hero to Immigrants:
    "I would like to make him into a gyro for immigrants."
  • From Products Will Save Me in How the Hell Do You Get a Job in Media in this Town?:
    "Be at the right place at the right time, having the right conversation. As it is near impossible to discern which place and time will be right, just be everywhere, always, talking to everyone."
  • From Lonesome_George in Salon Wants Gay Sons. Do You?:
    "I secretly hope my cat is gay. But that's only because I want him to wear a bonnet."
  • Party Pick goes to the departed AndSheSaid, who fumed in Beloved Author to Buy You a Beer Someday, Young Ones:
    "In my twenties I failed to achieve the distinction of becoming the voice of smug, narcissistic and privileged dick-headedness. But then again no one could ever supercede Gessen's level of success as he defines it.

    Just to name three off of the top of my head: Emily Dickinson, Vincent Van Gogh and Marcel Proust would have all failed to meet the standards of success that warrant a beer from Mr. Gessen. I feel certain that he will never achieve their levels of failure.

    You want to talk about what is wrong with NY literary culture. Here it is. They don't have a fucking clue about the world outside of themselves and so they can't begin to create art that actually has something worthwhile to say. Under all of the posturing they ultimately just reify the most conventional, banal sentiments of the day.

    'I'm nobody! Who are you?' Emily Dickinson asked.
    Well Gessen is a great big steaming pile of a somebody."

  • OK, that's it. Nothing more. Enjoy your weekends everyone. Go drink a pink beer or listen to some showtunes or go see a Paula Poundstone show or just hug somebody you like.