Lindsay Lohan's Pregnant Belly Is Fake, But That PDA Certainly Isn't

Until now, we had some troubles fully accepting Lindsay Lohan As Lesbian. Don't get us wrong. We are major fans of unicorn-straddling shoe fairies, C-list lesbian couples coming out, and someone finally putting food on Portia de Rossi's table every night. But we were fond of Lindsay's borderline feminist habit of having zipless fucks with every guy she found in bathrooms, overseas, or on her friends' arms. So seeing the freckly nudist settle down was easier to swallow knowing the "relationship" was likely a figment of our horny imaginations. But as these new pictures from the set of Labor Pains show, the girl on girl performance may be more real than we hoped. A closer look at Hollywood's happiest couple, and details on what's making Lindsay so smiley around her Smokey Bunch girlfriend, after the jump.

Lindsay Lohan's Pregnant Belly Is Fake, But That PDA Certainly Isn't

Even amidst news that she may have another hormonal little sister stepping on her coattails, Lohan looked more upbeat than ever walking hand-in-hand with roommate and vice delivery girl Sam Ronson over the weekend. Sporting her character's fake baby bump (required for the film's stolen-directly-from-Baby Mama-plot "twist") and smiling from ear to ear, the couple continued the PDA parade they started in Cannes last month. And according to the Daily Mail, Lohan's friends say she and Ronson are "both really happy." More confusing though, is their assurance that Lindsay feels "safe" around the DJ. We still automatically envision Lohan's sleepytime cokepants adventure whenever we see the two together, not to mention tear-soaked catfights in clubs, and painful bedroom injuries. But considering Lindsay's fetish for self-abuse, we suppose her Joshua Kelley-esque penchant for pain is all part of the fun.


[Photo credits: X17]