Ad Industry Anger Is A Valuable CommoditySome anonymous author is writing a book about how much the advertising industry sucks. Excuse me; it's about "where advertising is going." But he wants YOU, the insider, to tell him why the industry sucks. And he'll pay you $200 an hour to do it! Well, if your "half hour tops" of "the sewage that is in your head" makes the book, he'll give you 100 bucks, pro-rated. "Don't even edit it," he says. OR, you can send the same story to us, we'll pay you nothing, but the satisfaction of seeing it published here will be even more sensational! A good sideline for the creative soul considering quitting the wicked industry for good. The full Craigslist ad from the lazy muckraker, after the jump:

Ad Industry Anger Is A Valuable Commodity

[via Multicult Classics]