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When times are slow in the world of celebrity gossip, two people can always be counted on to liven things up a bit: Amy Winehouse and Kanye West. And now those two powerhouses of crazy have joined forces to pump out a story that is ...hold on to your hats... mildly interesting!

During her recent post-emphysema performance at the Glastonbury Music Festival, Winehouse not only punched a fan in the head, she also called Kanye West a cunt! Actually, according to NME, first she asked, "Are there any black people in the crowd?" Then she continued, "Let's hear it for Jay-Z. The man has got bollocks to come here, and play the tunes you don't even know you remember. Imagine if it was a cunt like Kanye West. 'Cunts Like Kanye' - that should be his next album title." Kind of a rambling, unfocused insult, but an insult nonetheless.

As we've seen, Kanye's not one to take this kind of thing lying down, so naturally he had to respond on his blog. And here's his witty retort: "Amy Whinehouse [sic] hates me!!! Now I've really made it!!! LOL!!!!" Despite the creative name-spelling and ample use of exclamation points, it seems like Kanye is simply brushing the dirt off his shoulder here. Particularly surprising from someone who wrote a thousand-page-long treatise after getting a bad review from Entertainment Weekly. And they didn't even use the c-word. Snooze.