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It's a crappy world out there. The economy is in the pooper, oil is a million dollars a barrel, fires are raging out of control, and don't even get me started on other countries. But just when you think things are too bleak for words, life provides you with a little nugget of awesomeness. And today that nugget is the New Kids on the Block recording a song with New Edition! "But how can this be?" you ask. "I checked my watch and it's not the 1980s!" Well, thanks to the magic of reunions, the two reigning boy bands of our youth have joined forces and are making sweet music together (tragically sans Bobby Brown).

Why is this so monumental? Well, back in the day New Edition and NKOTB hated each other. New Editon was all, "We've been around longer and we're actually better, but they get all the attention because they're white." But now, careers have faded, bank accounts have thinned, and the hatchet has been buried. To celebrate their new found friendship, the two bands have recorded a track called "Full Service," and according to writer RedOne (who?), "It sounds very universal and melodic and has both sides in it: The R&B, which is New Edition and the pop side for New Kids. It's very uplifting. Right away you start feeling good and every part feels natural to each one of the guys." People Magazine added that that everyone "munched on sushi in the studio and the guys prayed together before recording." How cute!

Still no word on a release date for this sure-to-be-classic track, but go ahead and take a deep breath. That's what a masterpiece smells like.