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Yesterday's rumor of Hearst folding Quick & Simple magazine was quickly confirmed by several emails that poured in to our world news headquarters. (You know your magazine has problems when "rapidly rising paper prices" can do you in for good). But at least one staffer had such a P-M-A (Positive Mental Attitude, yall) that we feel compelled to share her note with you. Think of it as a shining example of how to feel good about a bad situation. With wine:

Obviously you know by now that yes, it's true, our little weekly that could has folded. I was part of the editorial staff, one of maybe 30, not counting advertising, production, photo, art, and other assorted staffers. Sorry I didn't email earlier but I've been having a pity party with my friends and a few bottles of wine and a big dose of "this economy sucks, sorry you have no job now." It's basically awesome. This morning I was worried about there being enough ice in the machine for an iced coffee and by 4:30 I was wondering how much unemployment actually pays out. The only good thing to be said is that Hearst is a great place to work for because as of now they seem to actually care about our fates. Cathie Black, the indomitable example of a woman, came to tell us the news herself. I just want to say that this isn't a magazine that had been counting the tolls until the final death knell, we have dedicated readers, an amazing staff and inspiring EIC in Susan Toepfer, and I actually enjoyed coming to work every day. It all sounds corny and too good to be true but in a world jaded and morally bankrupt, I felt good about doing my shit every day. Anyway, I'm rambling, but that's what you do I guess when you have no job and you like wine. Anyway Hearst is apparently going to try their best to get us situated. Good luck to all of us out there in the magazine world, it's a shit place to live and some of us happen to be in the toilet. Keep me anonymous just for the fun of it, and in case I do win the lottery and end up back at Hearst. Oh yeah and got a job for me? I'm pretty cute and I like words.

[Not sent by Cathie Black or Susan Toepfer, surprisingly!]