Nicola Kraus, 33, who co-wrote the Nanny Diaries (later a Scarlett Johansson film!) with Emma McLaughlin, is in the Vows section of the Times this Sunday. She used to date "toxic freak shows," she says—but now she's married to a cute guy, David Wheir, so that's all behind her. Up until her wedding, she was suffering from that modern problem of being successful in every area but love (just like the main character in every chick-lit book!)

"She dated a string of inappropriate people, including an on-again-off-again beau who blamed her for his unwillingness to commit. He told her, "No guy is going to want to be with someone who is so successful," she recalled."

Oh, God, there's a video on the Times website. We begrudgingly find it sort of nice except for the part about the lackadaisical proposal.

[Photo: Piotr Redlinksi</> for the NYT]