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We're happy to see today that the winged gatekeeper budget-monkeys on the set of Michael Mann's Public Enemies — who so scandalously sought to exclude scores of part-timers from the film's recent wrap party in Chicago — ultimately came around to relaxing their admission standards to the point where even Stephen Dorff was welcome. That would have been a good enough concession for the justice crusaders over here at Defamer HQ — but for Dorff's infamous urinal-queue archnemesis Jeremy Piven to show up as well? Jesus Christ, will they just let anybody into this place?

It's Jeremy Piven vs. Stephen Dorff, round two. The Entourage actor and the pint-size Blade star were both at the Public Enemies wrap party at Bon V lounge in Chicago the other night. "They had a bit of a tiff," said our spy. "Dorff was p - - - ed because it was 'his' wrap party and he thought Piven crashed it."

Dorff has a role in Public Enemies and Piven was in Chicago, his hometown, for a fund-raiser. In 2006, we reported the two had a screaming match at Bungalow 8 after Dorff cut in front of Piven in the bathroom line and Piven called him a "has-been." Piven's rep confirmed they were both at the party, but said they "did not interact."

We've since learned that both accounts are true, with a tense reunion outside the VIP-section velvet rope defused by their mutual disgust of the bouncer's earnest urge to "hug it out, fellas" — preferably somewhere over by the cash bar with the foley interns.

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