C-Rated Newsroom Cafe Now Offering Even More Potential Culture In Every Bite

If you're falling increasingly behind at the office because your assistant mysteriously disappeared after lunch, you might consider checking the bathroom: It appears that the Newsroom Cafe is now dishing up its glamorous vegetarian treats in C-rated style after a city health inspection discovered a fridge storing food at a less-than-optimal temperature. One report places the cost of squaring it away at around $40,000, but we're with the intrepid critic at Yelp who recently saluted the starry-eyed mecca's sense of germological adventure:

"Generally, this favorite industry lunch spot ... rocks a B, but they're trying to hide their current C rating behind a pole at the moment. ... What's weird about Newsroom is that I've gone there with a B rating, got the pasta, and had to go doodoo, but I went there with a C rating, got the vegan spinadilla (spinach quesadilla) and there were no bad doodoos to be found."

Caveat emptor, we suppose, but still — you could come up with worse excuses for taking the sluggish, post-holiday afternoon off. Take advantage of it while you can!

[Photo Credit: Flicker]