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What started out as a holiday-weekend news curio exploded yesterday when CNN uncorked what may be its most important news package of the year: Coverage of a very hungover Susan Olsen — the actress who played little Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch — fleeing a radio interview to throw up. But this isn't just any Z-list scandal; this is shaping up as perhaps the most shattering gastric crisis in the long history of Pueblo, Colorado. "It was Cindy Brady!" the radio host cries out. "At 8:30 in the morning! What happened?" Indeed — especially with the ex-star's "mildly autistic" 10-year-old son with her in the studio ("Watch her drink like a pig!" Fox News reports he "interjected") and an unrepentant Olsen excusing the episode with a shrug: "That's how kids learn!"

Except the kids are usually the ones hiccuping wine all over the room the morning after an irresponsible, ill-advised bender, but whatever. The rest of the Olsen's saga really must be seen to be believed; thankfully, we can help you with that after the jump!