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As the official site describes it, HBO's Tell Me You Love Me offers "an unfiltered look at three couples as they navigate critical periods in their lives." By "unfiltered," of course what they mean is, "boldly ushering slapping balls into the premium cable landscape." And no one's slapping balls were more closely scrutinized than actor Adam Scott, whose Cruiseian good looks made up one-half of the couple you would have most eagerly TiVoed through the boring stuff to see knock prosthetic uglies. Talking to BlackBook, Scott reveals what went into making the "banging for real" illusion come alive:

Have you been recognized more after the HBO show?

Definitely, yeah. I mean, now it's like, people are walking up to me and actually—

Calling you Palek.

Yeah, stuff like that, and wanting to talk about the show, wondering if that's really my dick.

Is it?

No! For the first couple weeks I just wanted to walk around with a t-shirt that said, "It's prosthetic."

Did they give you that option, or did they want you to be naked first and you said "no, I won't do that," and then they compromised?

I think for the most explicit scenes, my thinking was if it's real, it crosses a line into documentary.

The girls don't get prosthetic breasts, though.

No, those are all prosthetic. The whole show is actually CGI. I don't know if you know that.

It's motion capture, isn't it. Gollum has nothing on you guys.

The dude that plays Gollum plays every character in the show. He deserves like, four Emmys.

While we admit to enjoying the prospect of motion-capture Olivier Andy Serkis covered in a green-dotted body stocking and attempting to physically manifest a half-dozen sexually alienated urbanites, we really think Scott deserves credit where credit is due: That's all him and some molded latex up there, bringing emotional resonance to a scene that requires him to jerk off into a plastic cup with the help of some phoned-in verbal encouragement from his wife.