Now That Diamond Rings Are Involved, Lohan / Ronson Romance Takes New Life

As the Daily Mirror reported yesterday, Lindsay Lohan's personal assistant/roommate/rough sex partner Samantha Ronson decided to give her bestest girlfriend one highly suggestive 22nd birthday gift: a Cartier diamond ring worth close to $22k. As these pictures show (closer look after the jump), Ronson picked up the pricey bauble on a sunny shopping trip with Lindsay over the weekend, and Lohan didn't waste any time slipping the ring on the one finger where rings mean anything — the treacherous inch of skin on a girl's left hand traditionally reserved for engagement gems. But this isn't the first time Lindsay and Sam have projected their love via hand decor, and judging by the way this couple handled their first Promise Ring engagement, we're worried Sam doesn't know what we do: sentimental jewelry is not the way to Lindsay's (still intact!) heart...

Now That Diamond Rings Are Involved, Lohan / Ronson Romance Takes New Life

Back in March of this year, the new roomies exchanged matching rings with each other's initials on them, reminiscent of those grade-school toys girls would trade with their BFFs to instill some naive sort of pact that you'll be tied by the bond of clunky plastic. But a month later, several blogs noticed that Lindsay had swapped her "SR" eyesore for the more self-referential "LL" version worn until then by Ronson. Though Lindsay gave up the signifier in recent months, devoted Sam has been wearing her misty neon-colored memory right up until this weekend while shopping with Linds. But Lohan has a new ring to flaunt. As a source told the paper, "It's not an engagement ring - simply a token of her commitment. Lindsay is thrilled and she and Sam are very content." Sure, though we think "content" is really an understatement these days. After making the mistake of looking over those recently discovered saliva-swapping pictures of the pair, we have a feeling that far dirtier words should be used to describe just how thrilling this honeymoon phase is.


[Photo credits: Splash, X17]