Just when we thought we'd seen every imaginable prank comes this clip from Sci Fi Channel's Scare Tactics that should win Practical Joke of the Year Honors at the 2008 Punk'dies. In it, a woman delivers a ravenous, afterbirth-smeared devilmidget, sending an unwitting target into a fit of hysterics. It's possible she catches on after a few seconds, but she admirably never lets up on the screaming until the moment the Anton LaVey-ish midwife reveals, "You're on Scare Tactics!" and the world's most twisted mother pops her smiling head into the delivery room. In case you were worried about how the frightened woman fared, moments later, the entire cast was throwing back beers with her at a nearby pub, with the goodnatured actor who played the infant evil confessing to his frustrations that "Verne Troyer has my career."