British Tetra Pak (an "aseptic solutions" company) heir Hans Kristian Rausing was just charged, along with his wife Eva, of possessing crack cocaine. What a shame! Rausing's father is worth billions. Other wastrel heirs?

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Lapo Elkann: Fiat heir (a fortune worth $7 billion); notorious Italian Playboy. Likes: transsexuals, heroin. Spent three months in a coma in 2005 after an overdose of the latter. Has been rumored to have dating Mary Kate Olsen; has recently turned "workaholic entreprenuer," according to the Observer.

The Getty family: Jean Paul Getty Sr. built his fortune through Getty Oil; John Paul Jr. led a druggier lifestyle (his second wife died of a heroin overdose.) Then his 16-year-old son was kidnapped in 1973—Dad ignored it, figuring the boy was trying to get money from him through the ransom. (The kidnappers sliced off the kid's ear and mailed it to his family, which finally made them pony up the $3 mil. The kid became an addict; John Paul Jr.'s daughter got AIDS.) Actor and former teen pinup Balthazar Getty is part of this family; he's only been to rehab once.

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Christina Onassis: Daughter of self-made shipping mogul Aristotle Onassis—whose second wife was Jackie Kennedy—Christina never got along with her stepmother. When she inherited half her father's wealth, she mainly wasted it; she was married and divorced four times. Christina died alone in a country club in Argentina at age 37 from a sleeping pill/weight-loss pill combo.

Raphael de Rothschild: From a major French banking family; he was found dead of a heroin overdose on the sidewalk in New York in 2000. He was 23. (The family had many problems; Raphael's cousin Ben was also a heroin addict, and another relative hanged himself in 1996.)

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Paris Hilton: Self-promoter and unwitting self-tape star, heiress to some of the Hilton hotel fortune.

Now don't you all feel a little better about being poor?