Our heartiest congratulations to Alec Baldwin on earning his amazing seventh Emmy nomination—and the second for his consistently inspired work as 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy, whom last we saw hovering over Rip Torn's hospital bed and praying for a coma-rousing miracle. To honor the man who is well on his way towards becoming the country's first Baldwin President, we provide this excerpt from a new THR.com interview.

In it, Alec describes how he unwinds after a long week of delivering crackling zingers on one of TV's best-loved comedies: curling up with one of little brother Stephen's flesh-friendly cable classics. These weren't merely the product of a lesser-Baldwin's "soft-core porno career on Skinemax," as Alec dismissively refers to them; rather, they were artistically uncompromising works that just happened to also be erotically charged thrillers. Stephen may have abandoned the genre since having located the Jesus-occupied quadrants of his heart. Luckily, however, films like Zebra Lounge, Spider's Web, and Bound By Lies will live on so long as horny 13-year-old boys with no access to the internet for whatever reason continue to wander into their parents' basement at 3 a.m.