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While out running errands in Manhattan, Kirsten Dunst received some shocking news over the phone. Namely, that the Dick star would not be able to get into an IMAX screening of The Dark Knight. Dunst's friend said that they could always watch the movie during the week and that'll be the same movie. Dunst huffed and puffed that it wouldn't be the same if they had to wait a few days to watch the film and the situation is beginning to feel a lot when Dunst went to get a new iPhone. Dunst said, "First, I can't get the iPhone until next week or whenever they get a shipment in and now I have to wait to see the new Batman movie? What else could go wrong in my life? I swear." Dunst then asked if her friend could check out Craigslist or eBay for tickets and price was not an issue.

[Photo Credit: INF Daily]

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