Just two weeks after Matthew McConaughey had his first child, he's already lost the pregnancy weight. If that's not reason enough to hate him, there's also this trailer for Surfer, Dude (if you're confused by that comma, just wait until you watch the the video!), a stoner comedy for people turned off by Pineapple Express's high production values and ability to elicit laughter. What's going on here? Well, several famous weed-enthusiasts (Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson) have contributed their talents to a project seemingly conceived not to send up McConaughey's reputation, but rather to enable it: The entire thing seems like it was shot in short bursts between surfing runs and rent-a-car hotboxing opportunities, by the very same P.A.s who sauntered up to McConaughey in Malibu with tar-stained outline in hand, pledging, "We'd throw paparazzi down for you, brah."