This has got to be the most explicit and NSFW of all oddities discovered on Google Streetview. A prostitute giving a hand job to a "bloke" (that's British for, "prostitute customer" ) in a back alley in Manchester, which seems like a lovely town, by the way. Google took down the images soon after they were spotted by the Google Sightseeing blog, but the incident was memorialized by a troll who renamed the alley "Hand Job Alley" on Google Maps (also removed.) The wonders of crowd-sourcing.

Of course it's Streetview, so the handjob was captured at multiple angles and distances as the Streetview car cruised slowly by:

Perhaps even better, the image inspired the proprietor of Google Maps Mania to make a map featuring a number of NSFW place names around the world, including:


  • Vagina, Russia
  • Dildo, Newfoundland
  • Cumbum, India

Google's all-seeing eye has succeeded in making cartography filthy. Imagine how many public sex acts Google Glass users will pick up.