4chan Founder Unwittingly Trolls Rick Santorum by Popping Up on His Website

No one is quite sure what 4chan founder Christopher "moot" Poole is doing hanging out on Rick Santorum's website, but BetaBeat has confirmed that visiting Patriot Voices does in fact yield a pop-up with the infamous troll-father's smiling mug.

It seems Brabender Cox, the "Republican spin doctors" who helped set up the site have a /b/tard in their midst, as the photo was lifted directly from Poole's Wikipedia page, making it unlikely to be a random act.

Santorum is no stranger to Internet shenanigans, having been the target of the most successful and prolonged Google bombing campaign to date. His reps haven't returned any requests for comment yet, so, for now, just enjoy the Great Justice.

[image via BetaBeat]