Alexis Wright has been accused of running a prostitution ring out of her Zumba studio in the vacation town of Kennebunk, Maine. But she also made dozens, if not hundreds, of porn videos — including some that may have featured clients — and we've got a bunch of them right here. And they're very not safe for work. Consider yourself warned.

With its connection to a trendy exercise regime (Zumba "combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system"), its massive client list (the first round of names from which were released today) and its connection to a ritzy summer spot (right next door the Bush family compound), the Zumba prostitution scandal — in which Wright and business partner Mark Strong face more than 100 charges of prostitution and invasion of privacy (for videotaping johns without their knowledge) — is well on its way to being tabloid fodder for months. But rumors and accusations had been brewing in Kennebunk, a small Maine town known as a summer vacation destination, since 2010 — fueled in part by an enormous cache of pornographic videos attributed variously to "Kikicu," LexiLove," "Zumba Whore" and "Maine Zumba Queen."

According to Seacoast Online, a person matching Wright in appearance and several personal details maintained profiles on a number of different porn sites:


"Playing with my toy so my neighbors can watch," wrote a person identified as Lexilove in a caption on one site. The caption accompanying the video says it was taken on her deck at her Wells home, and contains an image of a woman who appears to be Alexis Wright.

On one blog, which has since been taken down, as have most of the blogs and pages, a woman appearing to be Wright is featured in the photograph. The personal profile reads, "I live in a small town in Maine and have my own dance studio, many in my community do not realize that I am an exhibitionist and that I crave sex. I have had sex with many of the married men locally and it is satisfying to know that I am providing them with what they are not getting at home. If the women only knew …"

Apparently one more than one occasion Wright mistakenly emailed — with the subject line "Got any plans this weekend?" — a topless photo of herself to several people, later blaming it on being hacked. But the videos and profiles had gained the attention of a grammar-challenged, sex-negative enemy, who created a blog with the SEO-friendly title "AlexisWrightzumbateacherpornstar." It has a single post, dated August 30, 2010:

If anyone knows Alexis Wright from Kennebunk Maine you probably think she's a sweet, friendly Zumba teacher...the funny thing is she's not! she's living a double life & is a PORN STAR!!!!! she may be a prostitue for all I know..all you have to do is google her full name (which is pretty ridiculous that she goes by that) & you'll see her doing all kinds of nasty sexual acts with MARRIED OLD MEN, herself & other's pretty disgusting...her so called "boyfriend" even cameos in some of the videos..the sad thing is you can see her little sons toddler bed in the background of one video..poor kid if he only knew his mommy was a whore ;( I was shocked to find this never know who people really are can you pretend to be such a respectable member of the community when you're really sleeping around w/everyone's husbands..I hope her Zumba clients wake up & realize who their teacher really is!!!!!!!

If you've ever read Topix, or any other forum for small-town gossip, you know how the comment section goes. (Another, apparently supportive site, "Alexiswrightmainezumba," popped up last week.)


There appear to have been dozens, if not hundreds, of videos of Wright, ranging from solo stripteases in her Zumba studio to multiple-partner sex (including, rumor has it, a sex-with-a-dog video), but most have been taken down. The Daily Mail speculates that the men who feature in them might be some of the johns who'd been filmed without their permission; authorities wouldn't confirm. One Gawker commenter saw one of her videos two years ago: "It was obvious all of the guys in the porn videos were johns who were either filmed unknowingly or convinced to go along with it was a goof/hot."

We've recovered some of them, which we've reproduced here: Wright dancing nude in her Zumba studio, masturbating in her bedroom, masturbating with a popsicle, and having sex with another woman with a strap-on. Update: We've taken down three of the videos from this post over bandwidth issues, but they're available here.

[h/t to HellaScientist]