"Ultimate Fighter" Reality Show Rising Star Has Gay Porn Background

Dakota Cochrane, a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts and a top contender on the new season of the Ultimate Fighter Live reality series set to start airing on March 9 on FX, previously had a career in gay porn, reports San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. Cochrane was known as "Danny" in the porn world and performed for Sean Cody Films.

Cochrane fully disclosed everything to the producers of the show and has not denied his participation to the media, though he does say he now regrets it. The 25-year-old currently has an 11-2 pro-record as an MMA fighter, including a victory over World Extreme Cagefighting champion Jamie Varner at the Titan Fighting Championship 20, which qualified him for the reality show.

MMA Website Bloody Elbow reports that there has been some controversy regarding comments made by UFC President Dana White about gays in the past, though White has welcomed the addition of an openly gay fighter to the UFC:

White said that while a few fighters occasionally step out of line, the vast majority — "300-something," in his view are inspirational, role- model types to kids and adults. Though there has never been an openly gay fighter in the UFC, White said there would be no problems for that individual under his watch. "I'll tell you right now, if there's a gay fighter in the UFC, I wish he would come out," he said. "I could care less if there's a gay fighter in the UFC. There probably is, and there's probably more than one. It's 2012. Give me a break."

[article via sdgln.com, pic via Bloody Elbow]